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How to make your own terrarium

Article by Homes to Love

Superstar florist Eden Hessell, aka The Botanist, demonstrates how to make your own terrarium in a glass vase. She makes it look easy!

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How to create a terrarium

You will need:

  • Vase (any household vase will work)
  • Pumice
  • Cacti and succulent potting mix
  • Plants – you can use any baby house plants or cacti (Eden used Spanish moss, a mini palm, babies tears and an air plant)




  1. Add a layer of pumice into the vase for drainage, shaking vase to achieve a level surface
  2. On top of this, add a layer of cacti and succulent potting mix, using your hand to smooth to an even surface
  3. Remove your selected plants one-by-one from their containers and shake excess soil from root
  4. Add plant into terrarium by gently pushing root into potting mix


Eden’s top tips for terrariums

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Never pour water, only use a spray bottle to mist plants
  • Never let soil get bone dry
  • Water more in summer time than in the winter months
  • Eden does not recommend you use succulents for your terrarium (they get mouldy easily and don’t root)

Special thanks to: Eden Hessell.

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