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10 fun DIY ideas using things you might already have in your craft box

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If you’re thinking of redecorating or you’re just in the mood for some arts and crafts, this list of fun projects is sure to inspire your creativity

1. Repurpose your old jam jars

Save yourself a trip to the recycling bin and reuse your jam jars to decorate your home. Jars can make wonderful planters for small plants or herbs, a tissue holder, or a dispenser for twine or soap. You could wrap them in wool, paint them, or just give them a good scrub and clean.

Make sure you remove the labels and traces of glue (an equal amount of baking soda and cooking oil should do the trick).

2. Get crafty with leftover fabric

Even with just a small amount of leftover material, you can still make lots of creative home projects with the help of some craft glue and a pair of scissors. Choose your stunning textile and transform it into a piece of art by sticking to a canvas or adding it to a picture frame. Or try sprucing up an old mousepad and creating a fringed keyring like this one.

3. Build your own plywood decor

If you have some tools and spare plywood lying stored away, there are plenty of DIY projects to try that will keep you busy. Become a creative carpenter and introduce this warm material into your home by making your own plant hanger. Or have a go at making a magazine rack, tealight holders or coat rack. Ply might just be the answer to any storage dilemma you may have.

4. Redecorate with wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a strong comeback recently and not just on walls. You can easily spruce up an old chest of drawers, a lampshade or your headboard with a leftover roll. Get creative and have a play around with your favourite designs throughout your home. The best part is they can always be changed when you fancy an update.

5. Create your own planter box

Have some spare tiles lying around since your last renovation? In a few easy steps, these can be transformed into an eye-catching planter. All you need is a plant and potting mix, liquid nails glue and 5 tiles per planter. These tiled planters are a great accent to any room and are a creative way to carry a theme throughout your home.

6. Dip dye your décor

Add a pop of colour to your interior with fun dip-dyed style around your home. This effect can be used on towels, tassels, cushions or light shades. In just a few steps, you could renew your home with fun and colourful new décor!

7. Create your own denim home accessories

Have an old pair of jeans you’ve been meaning to throw away? Dust off your sewing machine and transform your denim into home décor. You could create anything from a heart-shaped cushion to a keyring to a stool cover.

8 Personalise your straw baskets 

If you have a few paint test pots lying around you can use them to give your storage baskets a fun new look. With this trick, you will add more colour to your home and show off your creativity.

9. Create your own woollen adornments 

Got some surplus wool lying around? Decorate your home with woollen decor. Whether you want to decorate your walls, or repurpose old jam jars, here’s a list of 4 projects with wool to accomplish at home this weekend. A few of these projects would also work well with twine too.

9. Repurpose an old jumper

You don’t need to be a knitter to create a cosy cushion. Instead of sending your old jumper or cardigan to the landfill why not repurpose it to create a DIY cushion cover. Here’s how to transform a jumper in 6 easy steps.

10. Make your own mood board 

Mood boards are great way to visualise your goals and get your creative juices flowing. Whether it’s for your home office or bedroom, this wooden mood board can be whipped up in no time. A good place to start is by displaying your favourite photos and quotes. Your mood board can also be decorated with bits and bobs you already have at home, such as ribbon, pages from magazines, wrapping paper and more!

If you are looking for extra crafty inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!

Words by: Katie Delany

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