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DIY Halloween decor to make your house the spookiest on the street

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Planning for a haunted party? Here are Pinterest’s top DIY  Halloween decor projects to give your house the scary-factor 

DIY Halloween decor to make your house the spookiest on the street

Pinterest has picked out the top DIY Halloween projects to give your house the maximum scary factor. Whether your place is big or small, these easy-to-achieve ideas will help to amp up the haunted house feel.

Floating witch hats


These floating hats look just as creepy during the day than they do lit up at night.

Construction is fairly straightforward: purchase witch hats and glow sticks from your local store. Attach glow sticks to a long piece of fishing line and thread this line up through the tip of the hat. Secure each hat at different heights to a beam or hooks up high and when you’re ready, crack the glow sticks.

Spider egg sacs


Creepy enough to scare any arachnophobe. Here’s how to make these disturbing spider egg sacs:

You’ll need a few foam eggs (or foam balls), white stockings, white wadding (or cushion stuffing), plastic spiders and a hot glue gun.

To construct the egg sac, loosely wrap the foam ball or egg in the white wadding and pull the stocking over the ball. Position spiders inside and outside the stocking using the hot glue gun (the more, the creepier). Hang the sacs from the ceiling – for extra scare factor, position them in the doorway so guests have to walk through them on entry.

Skeleton flamingoes


Hosting a Day of the Dead Halloween party? You’ll need these skeleton flamingoes in your backyard.

Simply purchase some flamingoes from your local store, spray paint black and then use a little bit of creative license to paint a skeleton onto the flamingo in white paint.

Window silhouettes


This one is for maximum street-scare appeal. All you need is black paper or cardboard, orange tissue paper and an adept hand at cutting out detailed designs.

But this spooky decoration doesn’t have to be detailed to the extreme; simple arm silhouettes are perfect for those looking to create a haunted asylum feel. Similarly, bats, cats and hanging knives are easy shapes to create and will deliver on look.

Halloween wreath


Here’s a bit of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’; a writing black snake wreath.

To make this one, spray paint a Christmas wreath black and hot glue black snakes all over it. Spiders, crows and other creepy-crawlies are also great options, maybe even add a smattering of fake cobwebs. The options are limitless.

Drip candlestick holders


A haunted house isn’t complete without a mass of dripping candles. Luckily, this is another easy one to accomplish. Instead of throwing out your used wine bottles, spray paint them black and position a white candle on it’s top. Have these burning a couple of days before you want to put them out in order to get a good amount of drip happening.

When the candle eventually burns down, simply replace it with another and allow the drippings to accumulate even more.

Lawn ghosts


You’ll only need four items to make these lawn ghosts; a foam ball, a wooden stick, wire and old sheets.

Secure the foam ball to the wooden stick and use the wire to create ghostly shapes. Drape the sheets over this structure and attach to wire to ensure it keeps its shape. Position the ghosts in an eery circle or simply scatter them throughout your property.

Words by: Bea Taylor

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