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Give your bedroom a new look with this DIY bedside table

Our DIY expert Nikki Kettle shows us three clever ways to make your own DIY bedside table

You will need:

• Bedside table
Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer
• Paint brush
• Roller
• Dowel 8mm
• Handsaw
• Caulking gun
• Construction glue
• Ruler
• Fine grit sandpaper
Resene Quick Dry Waterborne Primer Undercoat
Resene Dusted Blue
• Drill and drill bit the size of the handle screw (mine is 4mm)

How to:

1. Prep the bedside table by making sure it is clean and dry. Apply the Resene Smooth Surface Sealer with a brush or a roller to the exterior surfaces – leave the drawer face as it is – and allow to dry.

2. Measure the face of the drawer and cut the dowel accordingly. I required 51 cut dowels for each drawer face. Use a handsaw and a sturdy surface (I used a standard horse) to cut the dowels, keeping fingers safely out of the way. I cut the dowels 2-3mm longer than the drawer face, which will be sandpapered later.

3. Apply construction glue to the drawer face (a little goes a long way – you don’t want it to seep out between the dowels).

4. Place all your dowels onto the glue. Make sure they are straight and sitting snuggly next to each other. Use a ruler to line them up, then allow the glue to dry completely, this may take overnight.

5. Once the glue is dry, sand the edges of the dowels so they are smooth and even. Wipe down with a cloth.

6. Apply Resene Quick Dry Waterborne Primer Undercoat to the exterior surfaces of the bedside table and the face of the drawers. Allow to dry completely.  Apply the first coat of Resene Lustacryl Dusted Blue to all surfaces. Allow to dry completely, then apply another coat. If you desire, do a very light sand in between coats. Do the same to the drawer handle.

7. Redrill the hole for your handle (from the inside of the drawer). Make sure you do this gently and with a sharp drill bit so you don’t damage the dowels. Your screw should be long enough to go straight back in.

8. Attach handles.

Try this look:

Leave the bedside table legs as they are and paint the body in a striking dark blue, I used Resene Coast. Replace the wooden handles with leather straps made from an old belt.

Paint tip: Up the ante and add a touch of glamour by painting the legs and handles with Resene FX Metallic Gold paint.

Wallpapered drawers

You will need:

• Wallpaper, I used Resene Tropic Exotic Wallpaper 36519-2
• Soft sewing tape measure
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Craft knife
• Wallpaper adhesive
• Small bucket (to mix glue in)
• Large wallpaper brush
• Large sponge

How to:

1. Measure the inside of the base and sides of your drawers. Use a soft sewing tape measure for this so you can get right into the corners.

2. Measure and mark the base and two side pieces of the wallpaper. If you want the pattern to line up, make sure there is sufficient wallpaper to mark up the pieces in one long rectangle. Cut out the three pieces using a craft knife.

3. Dust the inside of the drawer so it is completely clean. Mix the wallpaper adhesive, then apply the glue to the wallpaper with the brush.

4. Carefully place the wallpaper inside the drawer, one piece at a time. Use a sponge to smooth the wallpaper from the inside toward the edges to push the bubbles out. Repeat with the other pieces.

Try this look:

If you can’t find the correct colour wallpaper, buy a roll of anaglypta and paint it. I used Resene Anaglypta Wallpaper RD576 with Resene Wonderland and Resene Glorious.

Project and styling by: Nikki Kettle. Photography by: Anna Briggs.

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