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4 easy dip dye decor crafts that will add a pop of colour to your interior

From towels and tassels to cushions and light shades, it’s easy to add dip-dyed style to your decor with these fun DIY projects

1. Towels

+ First wash and dry towels and facecloths.
+ Then place thick rubber bands around ends or middles of towels, depending on the pattern you want.
+ Dip towel ends or middles into dye and let them soak up the dye.
+ Place each towel on paper to dry overnight.
+ Remove bands and dry in clothes dryer for 1 hour to set the dye.

2. Cushion covers

Take 1m x 1.1m white poplin cotton and cut into 2 strips: 60cm x 1.1m and 40cm x 1.1m.
Wash in washing machine and dry.
For big cushion: take big strip and tie thick rubber bands around fabric 15cm in from each end.
Place more bands 35cm in from each end.

Dip middle section in dye then dip ends.
Dry overnight, remove bands and dry in clothes dryer for 1 hour to set dye.
Make an envelope cushion cover with fabric (find instructions online).
Repeat with smaller strip to make a smaller cover (create a pattern of your choice).

3. Tassel garland

Take a ball of jersey knit yarn and cut into 12 x 10cm lengths.
Place together and fold in half.
Take a small length of yarn and tie around top of tassel, leaving a small loop at top.
Repeat to make 12 tassels (or as many as you wish).
Thread a long piece of yarn through loops.

To avoid getting too messy, we pegged our garland on the clothes line and then dipped each tassel into a container of dye.
The dye will slowly soak up the tassel; the longer you leave it, the darker it will be.
Leave to dry.

4. Lightshade 

+ For a dipped effect, dip shade in bucket of dye and leave for about 20 minutes; you may need 2 packets of dye if you want dip line to be high.
+  Once you’re happy with depth of colour, dry on paper overnight.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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