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Here are 4 different ways to decorate with tinsel this Christmas

Tinsel doesn’t just have to hang on a tree, these four DIY projects will convince you to use it in all parts of your festive set-up

decorate with tinsel, Christmas DIY project

Here are 4 different ways to decorate with tinsel this Christmas

Napkin Rings

Save a few pennies with tinsel napkin rings. Cut a length of tinsel (about 25cm long) and wrap around a folded napkin. Tuck the ends in at the back.

decorate with tinsel, Christmas DIY project

Luxury wreath

Add some sparkle to your front door or living area with a tinsel wreath. You will need a 350mm foam ring (ours was from Spotlight), 3 x 2m lengths of thick tinsel, clear packing tape and some cord, twine or ribbon.

Attach one end to the back of the foam ring with clear tape. Wind tinsel closely around ring so none of the ring shows through; secure end with clear tape. Repeat with other pieces of tinsel until ring is covered. Tie cord, twine or ribbon around the wreath and hang on a wall or door.

decorate with tinsel, Christmas DIY project

Gift toppers

If you’re looking for a change from using ribbon on your presents, try these easy tinsel toppers. If you have fine tinsel, cut a short piece, tie some cord around the middle and smooth the strands lengthways on either side (like a middle parting) for a ‘bow’ effect.

With thicker size, cut a small piece (size depends on size of present), tuck the ends under to make a loop, and attach to your gift with double-sided tape.

decorate with tinsel, Christmas DIY project

Filled baubles

Looking for a super-quick and easy tree decoration? We found these reusable baubles at Spotlight – you can fill them with anything from sweets and toys to small decorative items or, in this case, tinsel. Simply cut 5cm pieces of thin tinsel, place them in the baubles and add some matching string for hanging.

Shop the look 

1 Kingdom candle, $47.90, from Good Thing. Series matte black dinner plate, $12.95, from Freedom. Rose gold 16-piece cutlery set, $19, from Kmart. Tinsel, $2 a strand, from Look Sharp.

2 Walnut wishbone chair, $329, from Me & My Trend.

3 Vela large hurricane lamp, $89.90, from Country Road. Ventura low sideboard in walnut, $1995, from Me & My Trend.

4 Plastic baubles, $5.99 for 6, from Spotlight. Wall and surface painted in Resene ‘Gumboot’. All other items stylist’s own.

Words and styling by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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