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How to create an impressive arrangement

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If you’re after a dramatic centrepiece for your next party, this impressive arrangement is just the thing! Florist Eden Hessell demonstrates how to create this showstopping arrangement…

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You will need

  • Puriri branches (but anything lush will do, such as magnolia)
  • King protea
  • Cycad leaves
  • Monstera leaves
  • Tall vase

This would make the perfect

statement piece for a party


How to create an impressive arrangement

  1. Begin by lining a tall vase with monstera leaves. You will need several leaves to cover the vase – place the leaves with the shiny exterior facing out. Adding the leaves to the vase also acts as a water purifier, meaning you don’t have to change the water as much.
  2. Start placing puriri branches in the vase. Aim to create a dome shape.
  3. Thread through king protea stems, evenly spreading them throughout the arrangement
  4. Place cycad stems into the arrangement. Place them as they would appear in nature, nothing too rigid.
  5. Finish the arrangement by framing the lip of the vase and the base of the foliage with monstera leaves


Top tips for arranging flowers

Make sure the stems of your leaves and branches are as long as possible in order to reach the water.

Always add foliage first so that when adding blooms, each is visible among the greenery.

Special thanks to Eden at The Botanist.

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