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4 DIY craft projects you can make with tea towels

Expand your humble tea towel’s horizons with these four fun and very easy craft projects. The plastic bag holder is revolutionary! 


1. Cushion 

+ Fold a tea towel so top and bottom ends overlap by 10cm; this will form an envelope opening at the back.
+ Pin and sew together the sides about 2cm in from edge to form open flanged sides. (Both measurements given here may need to be adjusted slightly so cushion inner fits snugly.)
+ Pop in a lumbar inner and enjoy.


2. Plastic bag holder 

+ Turn over 4cm at top and bottom of tea towel, pin and sew along.
+ Fold in half lengthways, right side facing in.
+ Sew down long side to make tube.
+ Cut a small slit at top and bottom to insert elastic.
+ You will need 2 pieces of thin elastic 20cm x 1cm.
+ Thread elastic through, tighten to create small openings and knot ends together.
+ Sew a loop of thin ribbon or tape to top for hanging.
+ Turn right way out and pop in plastic bags at the top; pull them out from the bottom as you need them.


3. Tote bag 

+ Cut 15cm off bottom of 2 tea towels; place on top of each other, right sides out, to form bag shape.
+ Take 2 lengths of thick canvas tape (ours were 4cm x 1m) and pin on either side of ‘bag’ about 12cm in from sides and 16cm in from top.
+ Now with right sides facing in, pin tea towels together.
+ Sew bottom and sides and turn right way out.


4. Banner 

+ Turn over top of tea towel by about 3cm, pin and sew along edge to create a tube-like opening.
+ Take a dowel about 20cm longer than width of tea towel (ours was 70cm) and insert into opening.
+ Tie twine, ribbon or string to either end of dowel to create a hanger.


The tea towels used in these craft projects measure 50cm x 70cm

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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