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Classy painted pumpkins for stylish Halloween decorators

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These Halloween decoration ideas are for those who prefer to host a haunted party in style

Classy painted pumpkins for stylish Halloween decorators

Floating witch hats, ghosts in the garden and disturbing spider egg sacs are great for making your house the scariest on the street, but sometimes Halloween needs to class it up a bit.

For those who prefer to stay away from the lurid purple, orange and black colour combinations and notoriously difficult pumpkin carving rituals synonymous with this spooky day, here are some classy options to bring your Halloween party back on trend.

I scream for ice-cream


This one is for the confectioner lovers out there. Paint two pumpkins in your favourite icy flavour and top off with a cardboard waffle cone. Extra points for also creating the melted ice-cream out of additional cardboard.

One for the festival-girls


If you can’t get enough of glitter, don’t be afraid to sprinkle the sparkly stuff on your pumpkins too. Simply paint the base first and use a PVA glue to map out your patterns.



Scandi-style is still dominating the interior world, so it makes sense to do a Scandi-style Halloween too. Try neutral hues and simple patterns. Less is more with these painted pumpkins.

Carving constellations


Create the illusion of expert carving with these constellation inspired pumpkins. Hollow out the pumpkin and place a candle inside for lighting. Drill holes where you want your stars to be and paint orange lines to connect them.

Smiles all around

Give your pumpkins some personality with artistic faces in pretty colours. This is a great idea if you have pumpkins of many different sizes. It allows for more delicate detail than carving faces.

Taking it 3D


A simple idea with a big effect. All you need to do to achieve this look is to give your pumpkin a base colour and glue paper bat cutouts over its face.

Pull out your paintbrush


Feel like stretching your painting hands? This could be your chance to try out your art on a different medium. Your canvas is open, simply paint to match the theme of your party.

Stained-glass window


And for those who like to paint but aren’t confident enough to compile a masterpiece, there’s the stained-glass option. Choose a colour palette and create the shapes as you go.

Words by: Bea Taylor.

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