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How to create a photo garland

Article by Homes to Love

Create a  personalised garland using a collection of your favourite family photographs


What you need

  • Assorted cardboard in two or three colours
  • Scissors
  • Compass cutter
  • Family photographs
  • Single hole-punch
  • Jute string
  • Plastic cutting mat



How to

Step 1:  Use a 5cm radius for the larger discs and 3.5cm for smaller discs.  Using a compass cutter, cut out coloured cardboard and your photographs into circles.

Step 2:  Use a collection of assorted coloured cardboard for the coloured discs.  Remember that using too many colours will result in a messier garland; the fewer the variations in colour, the more visually balanced it will be.  For best results, use no more than 3 different colours.

Step 3:  Punch holes into your discs using a hand-held single hole-punch.  Punch two holes across a vertical line, keeping in mind that images will need to be upright when hung.

Step 4:  Take a long length of the jute string and loop your discs and photographs onto the string.  For the photographs, be certain to loop the string around the back of each disc so that the string does not obscure the image.  Be aware of colour combinations; don’t group too many of the same colours together.

Step 5:  Tie a knot at the start and end of your garland once you are happy with the length and it’s ready to be hung up almost anywhere around the house.

Top tip

To create a unified garland, don’t print photographs in colour, this will make it look inconsistent and messy. Print the photographs in black and white and place on white cardboard.

Project by: Hande Renshaw. Step-by-step photography by: Will Horner.

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