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10 of the best DIY decorating ideas to make your Christmas feel personal

Article by Homes to Love

We’ve carefully selected  a range of our favourite DIY Christmas decorations to transform any style of home

1. Block-colour baubles

Paint inexpensive polystyrene balls into simple, eye-catching decorations. (We used Resene testpots in ‘Laurel’, ‘Tasman’, ‘Half Forest Green’, ‘Celtic’ and ‘Spanish Green’).

Stick a long skewer into them so they are easy to hold while you paint.

Fasten the balls to the tree by making nylon loops. Push them into the balls with coloured push pins.

2. Christmas tree table setting

Choose felt that goes with the colour scheme of your table.

Cut out a piece of felt in the shape of a Christmas tree, ensuring the tree is tall enough to accommodate your knife and fork.

Place next to the table setting and add cutlery.

3. DIY tinsel wreath

Attach one end of some tinsel to the back of the foam ring with clear tape (our foam ring was from Spotlight).

Wind tinsel closely around ring so none of the ring shows through; secure end with clear tape.

Repeat with other pieces of tinsel until ring is covered.

Tie cord, twine or ribbon around the wreath and hang on a wall or door.

4. Beachy, boho decorations

Mix handmade decorations with bought ones for an artistic look.

Tie thin cords to the feathers to create these simple feather decorations.

Attach tassel trims to rattan rings with double-sided tape, and leather fringing from Spotlight to small timber dowels for mini wall hangings.

5. Fill glass bottles 

Everyday bottles can be turned into stylish candleholders by removing the labels and adding some greenery. These are lovely grouped on a table or sideboard or would look equally enchanting as a Christmas table centrepiece.

Select thin fronds so they will fit through the tops of the bottles.

Once foliage is in place, fill bottles with water and pop a candle in the top.

Leave a small gap between the water and the base of the candle.

6. Twinkle twinkle

Tiny glimmering LEDs are the new fairy lights, and whats great is you can keep them out all year round.

Display them in glass vessels in your entrance way for an enchanting welcome.

7. Confetti baubles

We love this easy, cost-effective Christmas DIY idea. Mixing two colours together looks great; or use coloured feathers or baby pom poms instead.

Fill up fillable plastic baubles with star confetti and shake around.

Add more confetti until you are happy with the effect inside.

Tie some fine ribbon, cord or twine to the baubles and hang on your tree.

*Baubles and star confetti available from Spotlight.

8. The luxe lover

If space is tight in your entrance way but you are still looking to add a festive touch, try stringing a garland of tree decorations. This quick and easy ornament can be whipped up in no time.

Select a range of decorations.

Tie each one to a metallic cord so they stay in position.

Hang with small nails or hooks.

9. Birch wreaths

Use a birch wreath as a base (you can buy these from a floristry supplier or create your own).

Tie on your favourite flowers or foliage with florist wire.

*We have used (clockwise from top right) foraged foliage; conifer, eucalyptus and brachyglottis; Spanish moss and kalanchoe; cryptandra (centre); pieris; ilex berries; and Little Gem magnolia leaves.

10. Fimo Star decorations

Soften up your 2 packets of Fimo by rolling in your hands till pliable, then roll each colour into a long sausage shape.

Place sausages side by side and roll together until colours start to merge.

Roll the Fimo using a rolling pin. You may need to roll it into a ball and then flatten it out a few times to get your desired ‘marble’ look.

Cut out 6 stars using a cookie cutter.

Poke a hole through one of the points on each star for threading later. (Use a bamboo skewer).

Place stars on a flat baking tray lined with baking paper and bake in a 110°C oven for 30 minutes. Leave to cool overnight.

Thread stars with twine or ribbon.

Photography by: Melanie Jenkins, Wendy Fenwick

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