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4 fun DIY projects that use leopard print in unexpected ways

If you love leopard print, you’ll love these four creative DIY projects

1. Side table/stool

To create this pretty side table or stool either repurpose an old one or buy a cheap new one. Give the table 2 coats of paint in a colour of your choice (we used black), leaving it to dry after each. Cut out a round of leopard-motif craft paper to fit the top and glue in place using PVA or clear craft glue. To seal the top so you can place hot and cold items on it, apply a coat of Mod Podge (an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish used in decoupage; readily available in craft aisles and craft stores). Leave to dry overnight before use.

DIY leopard print pencil holder

2. Pen and stationery pots

Save yourself some money and help the environment by upcycling tin cans into pen and stationery holders. Give your tins a good wash and dry, then paint them inside and out using a testpot of black paint. Apply 2 coats for the best finish, drying between each. Cut strips of leopard-motif craft paper to fit around the tins. Stick a strip onto each tin using double-sided tape. Now pop in your pens, pencils, scissors and accessories or give a set as a gift.

DIY leopard print art

3. Square-Framed art Jump

Jump on board the leopard trend by framing 2 pieces of square craft paper in complementary leopard motifs – no cutting involved. Then hang them together.

DIY leopard print card

4. Greeting Cards

Everyone loves a handmade card. Simply get some blank cards, cut the craft paper to fit and glue to the front of each card with clear craft glue. Leave plain or add a greeting (printed or hand-written). Carefully open out one of the envelopes that come with the blank cards so you can use it as a template. Lay it flat on a piece of craft paper and draw around it in pencil. Cut out and fold to create an envelope. Glue edges down and pop in the card.

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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