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4 DIY decor projects you can do with left over wallpaper

Whether you have a left over roll or you’ve found a print you love but have nowhere to put it, these easy DIY projects prove wallpaper isn’t just for your walls


1. Headboard 

+ To make a headboard for a queen bed, you’ll need a 12mm-thick piece of MDF 80cm x 167cm (or cut it to the width of your bed plus 14cm).
+ Cut wallpaper to cover MDF, allowing an extra 10cm at top and bottom, and making sure you match the pattern all the way across.
+ Apply clear craft glue all over back of wallpaper and stick to MDF, wrapping ends over top and bottom of MDF. Let dry.
+ To make a trim for the sides, cut 2 strips of MDF 3cm x 80cm and paint in desired colour (we used a black testpot).
+ When dry, use liquid nails to glue strips to front of headboard, down each side; this creates a nice trim and covers edges of paper.
+ When completely dry, attach heavy-duty mirror-hanging hooks to back and hang on wall.


2. Mirror

+ Create a statement mirror by revamping an old one. First remove mirror from frame.
+ Cut wallpaper and wrap around the frame, making sure to match the pattern at any joins (position joins as unobtrusively as possible).
+ Cut slits so the wallpaper can fold around the corners neatly.
+ Stick wallpaper to back of frame with clear craft glue. If the mirror is going in a wet area (or for extra longevity) seal with a coat of clear vanish.
+ Once dry, pop the mirror back into the frame.


3. Frame it

+ Wallpaper looks great when framed so reuse an old frame (or buy a new one), pop in some wallpaper and hang.


4. Tray

+ Give a tray a new look by lining it with an offcut of striking wallpaper.
+ Cut the wallpaper to fit the base and glue down with clear craft glue.
+ When dry, seal with a coat of clear vanish.

Created and styled by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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