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4 creative DIY projects that use velvet in sophisticated ways

Transform a bench seat, make a cute reusable shopping bag or a simple cushion. These velvet DIY projects will bring a little bit of class to your home

1. Bench Seat

Measure seat and add 30cm to both length and width. Cut velvet to this size and lay on floor, right side down. Place seat on top, upside down. Starting on a short side, pull up fabric and secure to seat base with a staple gun; repeat on all sides. At the corners, fold fabric on an angle for a neat finish (there are tutorials on YouTube if you need help). Turn seat the right way up and pop it back on the bench.

2. Notebook

Give a notebook a luxe makeover by adding a velvet cover. Open up the notebook and measure the total width and length then add an extra 8cm to both measurements. Cut your velvet to this size and lay right side down. Place the open notebook on top, fold fabric over edges of notebook and glue to inside cover with clear craft glue. At the corners, cut fabric on an angle to get a flat finish. Trim velvet at either end of spine.

3. Shopper Bag

Take an 88cm x 54cm piece of velvet and sew a 4cm hem along the top (long edge). Fold in half, right sides together, making a bag 44cm x 50cm. Sew along bottom and side. Cut 2 x 80cm lengths of canvas heading tape (38mm wide). Sew ends of 1 strip onto outside of bag, at the top, to make a handle. Turn bag over and repeat with other strip. Turn bag right way out.

4. Pillowcase

Save yourself some money and whip up a sumptuous velvet pillowcase or two. To make a standard-size pillowcase you will need a 54cm x 172cm piece of velvet. Sew a 3cm hem along both short ends. Fold fabric in half, right sides together, but with one short side extending 20cm beyond the other. Fold this 20cm back on itself (this will form the inside sleeve). Pin the sides and sew together. Turn right way out and pop in a pillow.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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