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What you’ll find in Simply You Living’s Winter 2016 issue

Article by Simply You

Simply You Living winter issue

Welcome to The Colour Issue of Simply You Living, your go-to guide for all your home décor and design inspiration.

Many people avoid using colour in their home because they are uncertain, even nervous, about how to make it work or because they prefer a more neutral palette, but we are challenging you to add some colour to your life.

Get inspired by our full saturation colour blocking rooms or take a que from fashion designer Vanessa Kortlang’s home, who employs a more ‘full noise’ approach when it comes to interiors.

From the hottest design trends including modern Memphis, rose quartz and glistening gold to a full break down of the latest in kitchen and bathrooms this issue covers everything you need to know about the latest interior and design trends; from metallics and marble to boldest black, there really is something for everyone.

Simply You Living Winter 2016 is on sale now.

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