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Top trends for curtains and blinds revealed at Simply You’s Colour My Life

The aesthetic importance of curtains and blinds can be overlooked, but they should take a bow for their visual appeal, privacy and sun protection


Every show needs curtains, and at Colour My Life they came in the form of dramatic teal velvet from CurtainStudio. The beautiful fabric gives the cool, calm colour an added layer of richness while recalling the deep of the sea.


If you prefer a lighter look for the warmer months, breezy sheer window treatments can be a versatile option, ushering fresh air into your home and diffusing sunlight.


Another seasonal favourite explored at Colour My Life was the perennially appealing combination of blue and white. This summer, the iconic duo comes with a romantic twist in the form of painterly florals that conjure visions of country gardens and carefree seaside getaways.


Sheer curtains

An outstanding choice for summer, CurtainStudio’s sheers create an uplifting atmosphere while providing privacy and protecting your décor from the sun’s harsh rays. |

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