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A look into Scott Disick’s new high-end house flipping show

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After his first successful property investment five years ago Scott Disick hasn’t made a secret of his passion for flipping houses. In his new series, we get to take a look into his lavish and professional world

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The ‘lord’ is back.

Scott Disick has returned to our screens, but this time it’s not in a Kardashian capacity.

In his new show, Flip It Like Disick, Scott and his team give us a glimpse inside the lavish and professional world of high-end house flipping and remodelling.

A mansion playhouse for his kids, Kardashian cameos, multi-million-dollar mansions? All covered. More drama than house flipping? Of course. Kitchens might sell houses, but it’s drama that sells reality TV.

The team behind the drama-filled show is made up of Benny Luciano, Scott’s best friend and business partner; Miki Moor, contractor; Benny’s wife and realtor Kozet Luciano and former pop singer-turned-interior-designer Willa Ford.

The series follows the group as they convert unique home projects for celebrity friends and family, including guestrooms, studios and a mansion-playhouse for Scott’s kids at Kourtney Kardashian’s home. They also transform an ambitious multi-million dollar property in Los Angeles.

Interior designer Willa Ford says, in the beginning, it was “a little challenging”. The first episode sees Scott give her one week to style and stage a house in Malibu ready for sale.

“I usually do it in a month,” she says.

Staging a home is different from designing an interior for a client, Willa explains. “You’ve really got to think about all the bells and whistles and make sure everyone can see themselves in the house. For example, in one house we needed to make sure that one of the six bathrooms had a tub, so if we had buyers with kids they would see that it could function for a family.”

Deciding whether the kitchen countertops should be quartz or marble is also something to think about in terms of buyer appeal. And, of course, it all has to speak to “The lords” extravagant tastes too.

Flip It Like Disick airs on E! (SKY channel 14) on Mondays at 1pm (encores Mondays at 8.30pm)

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