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The Noble Souls sofa range brings a whole new level of luxury to lounging

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Get an inside look at the intimate private dinner at the incredible Noble Souls display by Timothy Oulton at Milan Design Week

The Noble Souls sofa range brings a whole new level of luxury to lounging

A magical dinner held beneath the warm glow of mesmerising Timothy Oulton glass pendants set the tone for a night of extravagance and the celebration of design. The British furniture brand treated Marcel Gull, along with the team from Dawson & Co, to a candlelit dinner and an intimate viewing of Noble Souls, Timothy Oulton’s new range of four luxuriously comfortable organic sofas. The sofas are made using a ‘slow production’ approach that explores the realms of reconnection and a return to the senses.

“Hospitality is really key,” says Antony Pearce of Timothy Oulton, a brand that values each piece of furniture for its individual importance and function. “Sofas are a central part of the home but the dining table is really where all the action is.” The sensational setting placed the dining table centre stage, both spatially and figuratively, celebrating its role in fostering conversation and building relationships.

“I remember dinner at my grandma’s house,” recalls Antony. “She would organise where we’d sit, so you would end up next to your uncle one time, your cousin the next… She was trying to weave us together and build relationships. She really thought about it. Today everything is a bit casual, very spontaneous, and we have the world at our fingertips. However, we think there’s value in careful thought [being given to] creating experiences and anticipating the needs of our guests – and we had a great response.”

The designers at Timothy Oulton have applied these concepts to the Noble Souls range of sofas. From the 100 percent natural vegetable dyes and deep-feather cushioning to the artisan craftsmanship, the sofas have been designed to reconnect us with the sensory joy that’s increasingly missing from daily life.

“The feather cushioning creates a sensation of physical comfort that’s quite an emotional experience,” says Antony of the first-ever range to use these materials. “People sit on the sofas and go ‘ahhh’, yet you feel reinvigorated in the process because, once reconnected with yourself, you create a zone where you share that comfort with others. The final connection is that we are in physical contact with something that’s timeless – a craft that’s thousands of years old,” he says, referring to the linen-making and indigo-dyeing processes that take place in a village in southwest China.

“When you order your sofa, we make the fabric for the entire sofa and dye it all at the same time,” says Antony. “If the temperature or humidity levels change, you can get variances with organic dye, so we do them as a batch to make them spot on. I think that’s special – it’s extra work because you can’t just stock them.”

This ‘slow production’ approach to crafting the Noble Souls range is a direct response to our hyper-connected, yet disconnected, contemporary world. Founder Timothy Oulton explored the concept of reconnection and discovered that real luxuries are moments rather than things; when we feel deeply connected with ourselves and others.

From the hands that craft them, to the people who enjoy them, the Noble Souls range offers a return to the senses. Timothy Oulton and Noble Souls are exclusively available at Dawson & Co.

Photography by: Tania Volobueva.

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