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Elevate your kitchen look with this elegant undermount sink

It’s a necessary feature, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be design-conscious and stylish too. Here’s how this undermount sink can elevate your kitchen look

When it comes to the kitchen, every element should work in unison to ensure a beautiful cohesive design. Your granite or marble benchtop should be a stand-out feature in the busiest room of the house, which means a BLANCO undermount sink plays its part as a vital support act by amplifying the sophisticated lines of the stone, glass, composite or stainless steel worktop but not overshadowing it.

Elegant yet unobtrusive
The seamless transition from benchtop to sink extends the look of the counter space, ensuring it looks spacious and elegant with the sink sitting flush to
the worktop and blending into the overall design. Simple lines always feel cleaner and the look of the continuous worktop with an undermount sink gives a modern finish.

Functionality and design
As basins go, an undermount sink gives you the best of both worlds – unobtrusive beauty with impressive performance. A stainless steel undermount sink offers an elegant, glossy effect. Or, if you’d rather have a more harmonious, colour-matched look, an undermount sink in granite in your choice of colour will deliver exactly that.

Easy to clean
No matter how exacting a cook you are, a rogue piece of feta or an olive pit will end up somewhere on the bench. Attach a multifunctional basket to the sink and slide chopped-up food directly into it. The undermount design is rimless and ensures nothing gets stuck around the edges of your sink.

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