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These expert tips for curtains and blinds will give your home major style

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Don’t leave your window treatments as an afterthought. This roundup of the latest trends and tricks will help you choose and hang curtains the right way

Curtains, blinds and shutters are more than just a way to block the light when you’re having a sleep-in. They’re also an opportunity to add a stylish finishing touch to your décor. Teresa Butler from CurtainStudio tracks the latest fashions in window furnishings.

Design tricks

One of the biggest current trends is towards puddling, where curtains are made a little longer so the ends gather on the floor, giving a luxurious, lived-in look. It’s a great option in a renovation if you need to disguise the fact that the floor isn’t quite level – and it looks beautiful!

Extra height
Another popular trick is installing the curtain track up close to the ceiling, even if the window doesn’t go up that high. This makes your ceiling look higher so your space feels bigger.

Double tracking
Double tracking is also having a moment in the sun. That’s when you use a sheer curtain with a lining behind it on a separate track. Because they’re not joined together you can pull the sheer across during the day for shade or privacy, then at night you can pull the lining across as well for warmth and blackout.

Focus on fabrics

Linen blend
In terms of fabrics, linen look curtains are a popular option, however 100% linen fabric can fade in our harsh New Zealand sunlight. CurtainStudio offers a blended linen fabric which combines the linen look with superior colourfastness, crease resistance and durability, all at an affordable price.

Colour schemes
Plain neutral or grey curtain fabrics are eternally popular as they coordinate with most interior colour schemes. Blinds in black rather than white are becoming popular in modern homes with dark joinery.

Technology trends

More and more people are enjoying the convenience of automation that allows them to open or close their curtains or blinds at the press of a button or remote control.

With New Zealand’s poorly insulated older homes in mind, CurtainStudio has a silicon-type lining fabric that’s wipeable and mould-resistant. It’s designed specifically for those with asthma or allergies, which can be aggravated by damp conditions.

Clever solutions
Other clever CurtainStudio technology includes fire-retardant roller blinds and curtains, and a new range of translucent blinds that let light into a room without glare.

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