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These appliances will make entertaining in the kitchen easy and elegant

Want a kitchen that blends so beautifully into your home, it feels like part of the furniture? The new generation of kitchen tech is here to make your vision a reality

BOSCH kitchen appliances

The modern Kiwi kitchen is where it all happens: parties are started, homework is puzzled over, confidences are shared, problems are solved and families connect over a hot meal. These days, the kitchen island is the hub where these connections happen, but all too often the cook has his or her back turned while they prepare the food. Up until now, it’s been highly impractical to cook in the middle of the kitchen due to a lack of accessible technology.

A new way to entertain in the kitchen

Those days are finally over. The new generation of cooktops use induction technology to cook food, which makes them far safer and more user-friendly for families. Ceiling island ventilation systems are a thing of the past, too, with the arrival of integrated ventilation, which draws the steam and smells of cooking food downward and away.

Combined, these two advances create a cooktop that’s ready to take centre stage in your kitchen. The Bosch Series 8 Induction cooktop with integrated ventilation is the ultimate in sociable kitchen island cooking. Its versatile FlexInduction surface allows you to customise the way you cook according to the size of the pots and dishes you have on the go, while the PerfectAir sensor means you can concentrate on cooking while the ventilation automatically adjusts to suit.

The whole unit blends beautifully into your benchtop to create a smart surface that takes the clutter out of cooking, leaving more room for the moments that matter.

The cook’s choice

For entertainers, professional cooks or large families, Bosch FlexInduction provides one of the most convenient methods of cooking available. While standard induction cooking uses magnetism to heat iron-based pots, FlexInduction provides even more flexibility as pots can be moved effortlessly across zones with chosen temperature settings moving, too.

Induction technology is ideal for kitchen island cooking as the use of magnetism rather than thermal heating means surfaces are cool to touch just seconds after the heat has been switched off.

BOSCH kitchen appliances

Endless integration

Alongside a Bosch integrated vented induction cooktop, there are other ways to further improve the seamless experience of your kitchen.

A Bosch integrated dishwasher hides behind panelling that matches your kitchen cabinetry, as does an integrated fridge. And in homes where multiple ovens are required, dual Bosch ovens with matching control panels and seamless integration (including the warming drawer) add more functionality to your kitchen while blending into the background.

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