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A luxury tent set to take the glamping world by storm

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Meet the Lotus Bud, the latest addition to the Lotus Belle glamping family

With camping season just around the corner, glampers will be pleased to hear that tent connoisseur Lotus Belle has just released a smaller and lighter version of the  signature ‘Lotus Belle’.  Weighing in at just 26kgs with a 2.7m diameter, it’s a travel size Lotus Belle at a travel-size price.

Although the Bud is smaller in size it stands without a central pole that enhances the spacious interior.

The Lotus Bud comes with an optional porch awning to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

It was on a freezing English winter morning, with dreams of a New Zealand summer, that Lotus Belle co-founder Jessica Walsh and her business partner Hari were inspired to develop the Lotus Bud.

“Having the same design but a smaller and lighter version made perfect sense. I think Lotus Bud will be great for young children, families and festival-goers. It has got that wonderful canvas feel but being much lighter and more affordable, making it a great option for Kiwi glamping enthusiasts,” says Walsh.

Lotus Belle tents have taken the world by storm with their unique take on glamping, and their newest Lotus Bud tent innovation looks set to revolutionise the trend even further.

Lotus Belle details

Made with long-lasting and environmentally friendly canvas material the Lotus Bud  can easily fit in the boot of a family car and can be assembled by one person in 45 minutes.

The Lotus Bud tent retails for RRP $1300 and is available to purchase online at Lotus Belle.

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