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Take a final look at the Obamas’ White House style

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See inside the executive residence where the Obamas have lived for the last eight years and discover their White House style

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Take a final look at the Obamas’ White House style

Elegant, refined, with a dash of modern style; the private living quarters of America’s First Family has rarely been seen during Barack Obama’s time in office. In this video President Obama provides an exclusive glimpse into the life and style of the executive residence in the White House, which has been home to his family for the past eight years.

Obama admits that the first night in the White House can be a little overwhelming, saying “the notion that you’d be sleeping in a bed inside of it (the White House) is a little bit intimidating”. The Presidential bedroom is plush and inviting, with a soft colourway and sophisticated finishes, while the other bedrooms still feature ornate woodwork, heavy drapes and deep hues.

It was important for the private residence of the Obamas to be simple and comfortable, while staying true to tradition and upholding the gravitas of the historic building. They achieve this with subdued tones, classic interior choices, and surprising splashes of modern art on the walls. The art collection also includes the historic choice of a 1966 canvas by Alma Thomas, who was the first African-American woman artist to be represented in the White House.

There is much intrigue about what President-Elect Donald Trump’s White House style will be. Somehow neutral palettes and restrained, traditional décor don’t seem like they would be his first choices.

Video via: The White House. Feature Image via: Pinterest.

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