6 things to think about when choosing window furnishings for your home

What you need to know when finding the right window furnishing solutions for your home

1. Mix and match products to suit the room

Curtains and blinds encompass a huge variety of styles, materials and modes of operation – some work better in certain rooms over others. For example, faux-timber and aluminium venetians are great for bathrooms because they’re moisture resistant.

2. Something for everyone

Russells’ huge fabric collection ranges from cost effective to high-end, and includes some they’ve hand-picked and others from well-known designers. The Essentials Range is perfect for everyday living at a budget-friendly price point. For something special, the Russells Premium Range brings next-level style and quality to elevate your decor.

Sencha by James Dunlop in Ash

3. Think about high traffic areas

Polyester fabrics make great curtains in living spaces that have the most activity as they are very robust. A medium shade, such as ‘Ash’ from the Nova line of Russells Essentials fabrics is also ideal for not showing dirt easily.

Other easy-cleaning alternatives are roller blinds or venetians, which you can wipe with a cloth, or try using a cotton sports sock; slip it on your hand and enjoy precise control. For more cleaning tips, go to the Guides and Advice section of the Russells Curtains & Blinds website

4. Better sleeping environments

Good sleep is a vital human need so window furnishings should work hardest in bedrooms – you need a combination of something to filter light during the day and something to block it out at night.  Russells double rollers or day/night honeycomb blinds are efficient solutions. For quiet rooms, thicker fabrics, roman or honeycomb blinds work best at absorbing sound waves.

Verona by Russells in Shadow, Santorini by Russells  in Linen

5. Safe options for homes with kids and pets

Russells Premium Veri Shades® are also known as ‘the walkthrough curtain’, although they look more similar to a vertical blind. They hang beautifully with no weights or connecting chains so they simply sway out of the way before settling back perfectly.  This makes them really safe for a home with children and pets. Cordless or motorised honeycomb or roller blinds also remove the risk of cords.

6. Create zones

A smart solution to big open-plan spaces is to create room dividers using sheer curtains from ceiling to floor or full-height shutters as screens – a simple answer to messy toy storage or crafting areas in the main living areas.

For more information, head to the Russels Curtains & Blinds website

*Main image: Coastal by James Dunlop in Blanc

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