5 simple ways to create a beautiful floral Christmas at your place

Article by Homes to Love

Take your cue from Mother Nature this Christmas and incorporate a palette of bright blooms into your festive decor

New Zealander’s are lucky enough to have a summer Christmas. Therefore instead of wintry snow-capped trees, pine cones and holly, we get to make the most of summery, bright blooms for our Christmas decor. Here’s how: 

1. Real flower tree decorations

To enjoy a floral Christmas tree throughout the whole of December, use a base of faux flowers and add in a few statement blooms from the garden or the florist. To keep your flowers fresh, attach each stem to a greenery tube filled with water. Then simply swap out the flowers when they get old (make sure they’re fresh for the big day).

2. Paper flower tree decorations

If real or faux flowers aren’t available to you, make your own using paper or tissue paper. Choose the colours you want your Christmas tree to hero this year and then attach them using wooden pegs or florists wire.

Lockwood home Christmas, Primm Gardens flower farm

3. Floral wreaths

Traditional Christmas wreaths are made with sticks, twigs, pine and red berries. But why not give it a summer twist and fill it with colourful florals?

Lockwood home Christmas, Primm Gardens flower farm

4. Floral table setting 

Your Christmas table will come alive with colour and fragrance by simply adding a few blooms. Either arrange your flowers in vases along the table or create little posies for place settings.

Lockwood home Christmas, Primm Gardens flower farm

5. Flower/foliage wrapping 

If you happen to have leftover flowers after you’ve made your floral wreath, decorated your floral tree and fill your vases with blooms, then tuck a couple of stems into the ribbons of wrapped presents. Green foliage looks just as good too. 

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