10 helpful Christmas hacks to help you get through the festive season

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December is filled with decorating, shopping, dining and entertaining. To help make the festive season a little less stressful, we’ve rounded up 10 Christmas hacks to help get you through

Artificial Christmas tree vs real Christmas tree

1. Hacks to keep your tree alive

Make sure your tree makes it to the 25th still looking fresh and perky by giving the trunk a quick re-trim before you place it in water. If the base of the tree does dry out, drill some holes in the bottom of the trunk before topping up with water.

Keep your tree away from direct sunlight and the heat pump as these will speed up the drying process.

2. Hanging Christmas lights

Make sure your tree shines the brightest this Christmas by placing your fairy lights in just the right place. Three tried and true methods include:

The vertical hang:  Instead of wrapping the lights horizontally around the tree, try draping the lights vertically. This layering method helps them to stand out more.

Wrapping individual branches: This method is better suited to artificial trees, which have structured individual branches. Start with the lights at the bottom and work them back and forth around each branch (from the trunk to the end of the branch and back again) all the way around and gradually up the tree.

Create three sections: Divide the tree into three vertical, triangular sections. Each section will require at least a 100-light set. Weave the lights back and forth across the triangle section and repeat for the other two sections.

3. Ping pong balls for bauble lights

Lights make your tree sparkle but ping pong ball lights will take it to a new level. All you need is a selection of ping pong balls and a string of LED fairy lights. Cut a slit in the balls and place them over your fairy lights at random intervals. Remember to use LED lights as standard lights will cause the balls to overheat.

4. Polaroid decorations

If you have a stack of Polaroid photos lying around and nowhere to put them, clip them to your Christmas tree with little wooden pegs. And if you have a spare pack of film, this is a great excuse to take a Christmas inspired photoshoot of the family to add to the tree.

5. Wrap presents in silk scarves

With scarves currently trending and some gorgeous versions readily available in shops, wrap your presents in one for a sellotape and wrapping paper-free gift. Find a box to put your gift in. Fold the scarf into a triangle shape and place the box in the middle. Fold the bottom, pointy end up over the box, bring the top side down, then fold the two outer ends towards each together and tie in a knot to secure

6. Make your own Christmas crackers

What’s a Christmas feast without the snap of a cracker? Ensure yours look great on the table and the goodies inside are exactly what you want by making your own. Click here for the simple how-to.

7. Budget-friendly stocking filler

This cheap and easy DIY Joy Jar is a genius present hack that will make the perfect stocking filler for the kids this Christmas. It’s guaranteed to delight. 

8. Sock advent calendar 

Keep the kids entertained while creating some festive buzz by making your own DIY advent calendar. The best part is you can wear the socks when you’re done

9. Voucher gifting

Still not sure what to give a friend or family member this Christmas? Grab them a voucher and wrap it in a creative way. Try hiding it in a cracker, put it inside a groovy cup or attached to a cool toy.

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10. Wrapping paper isn’t just for gifts 

Have leftover stylish Christmas wrap? Don’t let it sit in the cupboard until next year. Use the wrapping paper to make fun placemats for your Christmas table.


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