Warren and Mahoney Architects

With 65 years of experience, 300 employees and over 300 architectural awards, architectural practice Warren and Mahoney certainly have a wealth of architectural knowledge. With work ranging from commercial developments to landmark public buildings – there are few areas that fall outside their design capabilities.

One of the international practice’s most celebrated New Zealand project is their part-high modernism design of University of Canterbury’s College House. Not long after the building was built, a young Malcolm Walker was so inspired by the building that he ditched science for architecture and half a century on, the building is as powerful as ever. Designed by Sir Miles Warren, Colege House is a collection of building forming one of our great mid-2oth century architectural works. Sitting in the elbow of the Avon and looking fresh after 50 years of hard labour and earthquakes, these buildings are magical. Raw, clear, and as is the nature of excellent things; simple in concept.

The practice has shown no sign of slowing down either, and they have continued to produce impressive responses to the present day. Their recent Mount Wellington Verto Apartments are an example of well thought out apartments designed not for flashiness, but for affordability and are a thoughtful response to higher-density living.