New Work Studio / Tim Nees Architects

Tim Nees is a respected New Zealand architect, and a fellow of the NZIA. Tim has been in Christchurch since early 2013 working on a wide range of commercial, healthcare, multi-housing and residential projects. In August 2014 he set up his own architectural studio and is now engaged in projects not only in Christchurch but in Dunedin, Marlborough, Wellington and other parts of New Zealand.

Tim established New Work Studio Architects 20 years ago in Wellington. Now, back in Canterbury, he doesn’t just run the firm but is also an Architect in Residence at the College of Engineering at the University of Canterbury.

The design of his own Wellington home was a finalist of HOME of the Year in 1998. Although he admits the house wasn’t a hit with everyone he believes that “successful architecture provokes strong reactions and tries to reach beyond its time and not limit itself to current trends.” The home is an example of good architecture, and the salvaging of materials that he used to build it shows his strong creative abilities.