Sayes Studio

Henri Sayes worked for numerous reputable architects, including Malcolm Walker, before deciding to venture out on his own in 2016. Now Sayes Studio, the practice prides itself on being committed to working closely with clients to ensure that the outcome is both optimal and within budget.

Forward-thinking Sayes is exploring new, more efficient, and often smaller alternatives to creating functional homes that accommodate growing and evolving land constraints. The needs of clients are changing, and Sayes is dedicated to staying ahead to ensure he can create spectacular homes that will stand the test of time. Balancing design style with pragmatic efficiency is a key feature in Sayes creations, and his recent ‘Truss House’ in One Tree Hill showcases how the two are not mutually exclusive.

Though it is still early days, his work has been celebrated in numerous publications including HOME magazine, and with a few new projects underway there are a lot of exciting things in the wood-work for this young practice.