Parsonson Architects

Being one of the most prominent names in New Zealand Architecture, Parsonson Architects have consistently delivered exceptional work since they were established in 1987. The high-quality of their designs is signalled by their impressive portfolio of accolades, both in New Zealand and overseas.

The practice has a varied style, and their portfolio has proved that they are capable of creating a diverse body of work. From residential to commercial, the experienced team can cater to all architectural needs. They are known for tackling houses on difficult sites and being based in hilly Wellington, they are no stranger to a steep and difficult site.

Their execution of great designs despite precipitous sites has become somewhat of a trademark for the practice, and their recent building in Wellington’s Northland suburb is an example of their clever problem-solving abilities. The derelict villa that existed on the site has been demolished, and replaced with a six-bedroom masterpiece.