Mercer and Mercer

Mercer and Mercer are a multi-award winning Auckland based architectural practice, with a reputation for delivering unique and inspiring architecture.

With a diverse and rich portfolio that includes public housing, apartments, retreats and bespoke residences, they are able to cater to almost any architectural brief. Mercer and Mercer also have commercial experience under their belt; they have been included in some of Auckland’s significant developments including Auckland’s Britomart precinct.

Their New York inspired small-footprint home in Thames is a pragmatic yet delightful response to a very steep section with tight height restrictions and a modest budget. It took him 20 attempts at drawing the plan before it finally came together. The topography was a dominating factor, and the hassle of moving materials up a steep hill in a slip zone created unique difficulties.

In response, Mercer split the design in two, creating two buildings with monopitch steel roofs, reinforced to withstand the onslaught of bracing winds. They sit one below the other on the steep slope, connected by a lush garden.