Mary Daish Architect

“I see architecture and food as connected worlds. Whether designing from scratch or for renovations, I listen carefully to my clients, learning about the culinary tools and activities they enjoy, and then design spaces that are unique and intimate.”

For highly-acclaimed Wellington-based architect Mary Daish, the kitchen is a vitally important space in the home. Her responses are reflective of this, and each and every design is unique and distinctive for the clients wants and needs. Not only are they fitting with the way the family want to live, but also with the food they like to cook.

Her respectful renovation of this Wellington villa is telling of her immense design abilities. Daish’s plan turned the series of small rooms into one big open kitchen-dining-study space where there was once a kitchen, bathroom and laundry, and connected it to the rest of the house with a full-height glass pivot door. She moved the bathroom and laundry into a small bedroom off the hall. Thanks to plenty of white-painted timber windows, the area is open and glassy – but not slavishly so.