Gerrad Hall Architects

Gerrad Hall Architects are an experienced architectural practice based in Auckland. With a particular focus on elegant, timeless design Gerrad Hall has been involved in a number of celebrated projects during his career.

One project, in particular, was Hall’s own courtyard house in Auckland – the first home he ever designed at the age of 28, which won the 1999 Home of the Year award. Tucked down a no-exit street in the Auckland inner-city suburb of Ponsonby, the home sits sandwiched between a villa on one side and a school on the other, facing a row of commercial buildings. It’s an introvert, in the nicest possible way.

Hall recalls the effect of winning the Home of the Year award as being “pretty major – I think it’s the best exposure of anything in New Zealand. Nothing is comparable.” The award allowed him to find the confidence to go out and practise on his own. He soon received commissions for mainly small houses and alterations, including one from clients who dropped a postcard into his letterbox.