Architecture Workshop

Architecture Workshop was established 20 years ago, now with a wide range of international experience as well as a vast and diverse portfolio across New Zealand. They believe their practice differs from most due to their “workshop process” where instead of “starting with a drawing, you start with an idea.”

With an extremely diverse body of work from urban design to historic refurbishments, Architecture Workshop have tackled nearly every brief imaginable.

One of their most celebrated developments is their 2003 intricately planned and completely joyful Wakefield apartments which sit atop a 1906 warehouse. The project has been described by many as density done well, something that was uncommon for the era which is widely remembered for its brutalisation of rooftops all across New Zealand. You would be hard-pressed to find a starker symbol of architectural regression, coupled with their more recent designs shows that they were ahead of their time then and are still now.